ANIGAN EvaWear Period Underwear - Boyshort



EvaWear by Anigan are stretchy, comfortable and protective period proof underwear. 

EvaWear period proof underwear is constructed with a moisture-wicking layer, a built-in absorbent padded layer, and is backed by a water-resistant lining. The padding is strategically placed at the front centre of the underwear to prevent leaking. 

These period pants absorb 20ml of menstrual fluid, which is equivalent to approximately 2 tampons, keeping you dry throughout the day or night and protecting your clothes and bed sheets.

EvaWear does not have any clothing tags or labels, preventing skin irritation and are stain-free and machine washable making them super easy to care for. 

Period underwear can be worn by girls and women of all ages and is suitable for the following uses;

  • instead of using disposable products
  • as a backup when using tampons, pads or a menstrual cup
  • if you are not sure when your period is going to start
  • incontinence or light bladder leakage (LBL)
  • keeping dry during sports and exercise.

EvaWear comes in a range of styles to suit you including; bikini, hipster boyshorts and larger sizes available in brief.

Pop on a pair and go about your day with confidence!

EvaWear UnderWear Size Chart

SIZE 4-6  8-10 12-14 16-18 20-22 24+
WAIST (cm) 58-62 63-67 68-72 73-78 79-111 112+
HIP (cm)  89-92  93-94  95-99  100-105 - -



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