HANNAHPAD Cloth Pad Probiotic Laundry Soap


This environmentally friendly soap uses plant-based oils and probiotics to keep your pads clean without causing irritation. 
Lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria which are contained in Effective Microorganisms Effective Microorganisms (EM) have the ability to break down organic substances through fermentation. These ingredients make Hannahpad Soap and effective cleaning agent.  



  1. Rinse underwear or pads using cold water as soon as possible
  2. Lather the Probiotic (EM) soap
  3. Soak in a bucket/container for a minimum of 6 hours to overnight in cold water with a natural detergent or laundry soaker. Soak up to 48 hours if required.
  4. Handwash or machine wash in cold water. After handwashing, use a machine spin cycle to remove excess water to quicken drying time.
  5. Dry in the sun where possible, as it is a natural antibacterial.  

    Do not;

    • Bleach
    • Dry Clean Tumble/Machine Dry
    • Use Fabric Softner






    Plant-Based Natural Oil 77% (Soybean & Coconut oil), Lye 10%, Probiotics 6%, Water 6%. Bamboo Vinegar 1% 


    Manufacture, Regulations & Certification

    Made in Korea 



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