HANNAHPAD Reusable Cloth Pads - Large



These environmentally friendly and cost-effective pads are just what you have been looking for. Hannahpads are washable and reusable sanity pads that are made for your comfort. 

These pads are certified organic and come with a 100% organic cotton top layer, internal cotton layers and an external waterproof coating. Easy to use with wings to snap underneath your underwear and stay in place. This construct is designed to prevent leakage. Available in panty liners, small, medium and overnight we have pads to cover every stage of the month. And they are available in beautiful patterns to make each month fun!  

The pads come with a small zipped bag which you can use to hold your pad pre or post use. They can last 2-3 years which means less impact on our environment.


Size Guide

Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Internal layers Absorbency (ml) Weight (g)
Panty Liner
18 21 3 sheets 30-45 43
18 21 5 sheets 40-60 51
18 27 6 sheets 55-80 39
Large 18 33 6 sheets 75-110 50
Ultra Overnight 19.5 36 6 sheets 85-130 59


Manufacture, Regultions & Certification

Made in Korea 

Organic Certified by Control Union

Certification Number: CU834958

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