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Lumma Menstrual Disc - Clear (Low Cervix)

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Lumma Reusable Menstrual Discs are made from medical grade silicone and come in three sizes to suit different cervical positions: short, medium and high. The Lumma menstrual disc has a unique design featuring a silicone string for easy removal and the round disc shape conforms to the vaginal walls to prevent leaks and discomfort. 

  • Can be worn during sex - enjoy mess-free period sex!
  • Suitable for light to very heavy menstrual flows
  • Firm silicone rim and flexible, thinner silicone base
  • Can work for up to 12 consecutive hours
  • Does not rely on suction like many other menstrual cups
  • Pack includes 1 x Lumma Menstrual Disc and 1 x storage pouch


The Lumma Menstrual Disc is available in three sizes to suit different cervical positions. You can measure your cervical position by inserting your clean index finger into your vagina and following the below guide. 

Short: Suitable for those with a low or short cervix. If you feel your cervix with your 1st knuckle inserted (up to 4cm), you have a short cervix.

Medium: Suitable for those with an average or medium height cervix. If you can only feel your cervix after inserting 2 knuckles (between 4cm and 6cm), you have a medium cervix.


High: Suitable for those with a high cervix. If your cervix is more than 6cm away, you have a high cervix.

Diameter 2 in / 5.3 cm 2.5 in / 6.3 cm 2.7 in / 6.8 cm
Capacity 1 oz / 30 ml 1.8oz / 55 ml 2 oz / 60 ml

The silicone string on all sizes measures 6cm long and can be trimmed to size using clean scissors. 



  1. Squeeze the rim in the middle of the menstrual disc so it forms a flat '8' shape, while keeping the silicone string at the front of the disc.
  2. Insert the disc into the vaginal canal with the string facing outside the body.
  3. Gently push the disc toward the end of the vaginal canal until you feel that it’s positioned under your cervix
  4. Push upwards on the front of the rim (the side with the string) to secure it behind your pubic bone. Some of the silicone string may remain outside the entrance to the vagina - this can be trimmed to size when the cup is not being worn. 


To remove your Lumma disc, pull the silicone string lightly and slowly until the rim of the disc slips off the pubic bone and lines up with the vaginal entrance. Then, grip the rim of the disc and pull out gently with your fingers, keeping the disc as flat as possible to avoid spillage. Clean your disc as per the instructions and reinsert it if required.


Lumma menstrual discs can be worn during sex but do not act as a contraceptive device to prevent pregnancy, nor do they protect against sexually transmitted infections. Always read and keep to the enclosed instructions.