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MOXIE Menstrual Cup - Super


Finally, periods made easy(er)! Complete with a handy purse-worthy carry pod, the Moxie menstrual cup is compact, convenient and can be used over and over (and over!)

  • Made from super soft medical grade silicone for comfort
  • Free from BPA, latex and plastic
  • Made in the US
  • Comes with a breathable, purse-worthy carry pod for easy and hygienic storage
  • Suitable for a heavy flow - holds up to 40ml 
  • Can be worn for 8 hours
  • Longer cup suitable for a medium or high cervix

Moxie Menstrual Cup Sizes

Regular: Best suited to you if you are under 30 and have not given birth, or have a regular flow. The regular Moxie Menstrual Cup holds 30ml of fluid and measures approx. 70mm in length (including the stem) and 42mm in diameter.

Super: Best suited to you if you are over 30, have given birth or have a heavy flow. The super Moxie Menstrual Cup holds 40ml of fluid and measures approx. 70mm in length (including the stem) and 46mm in diameter.

Please note that Moxie menstrual cups have a longer body and therefore are usually not suitable for those who have a low cervix. 


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