SOCH Inter-Labia Pads (3 Pads)



These mini leaf-shaped pads are worn externally and can be folded in half or rolled up and placed between the labia. They help direct your flow towards the centre of your pad and are ideal for women who tend to have front, back or side bleeding patterns.

Soch Inter-Labia Pads are made in India and comprised of an inner absorbent microfiber layer, covered by 100% combed cotton. They are used in conjunction with a cloth pad and can also be stitched to the top of your existing cloth pads.

Inter-Labia Pads significantly increase the time you can wear ordinary cloth pads, particularly on heavier flow days or if you are prone to experiencing gushing periods or blood clots as they can be easily removed without changing the pad. 

Each pad has a small loop used for threading a ribbon through. This helps keep the pads together when washing, drying and storing the pads.


  1. 5cm x 9cm 
  2. 6cm x 11cm

Care Instructions

  • Wash the inter-labia pad before first use
  • Handwash with warm or cold water as soon as possible after removing
  • Use a mild soap to clean the pad and rinse thoroughly to ensure no soapy residue remains on the pad
  • If you are unable to wash immediately after removing, soak in regular soapy water for 30 minutes to 5 hours
  • For machine wash, rinse and connect the pads using the ribbon provided and place them in a lingerie bag prior to machine washing
  • Line dry outdoors in the sunlight or tumble dry on a low heat setting
  • Do not soak/wash the pad in hot water as hot water will cause staining.


Manufacture, Regulations & Certifications

Made in India


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