TSUNO Pads - Overnight (8 Pads)


Organic and environmentally friendly made for you and the environment. Tsuno makes disposable, sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons.

Tsuno pads are made from a natural bamboo (not viscose- which means no harsh chemicals used to process it) and corn fibre top sheet, individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves, and finally packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable fibres, it is super absorbent, breathable, soft and comfortable, antibacterial, and just generally amazing!

50% of Tsuno profits are donated to charities that focus on empowering women, with the main focus being education and menstrual support.



  • Panty Liner: Suitable for a light flow (155mm)
  • Regular: Suitable for a regular flow (245mm)
  • Overnight: Suitable for a heavy flow (247mm)


Manufacture, Regulations & Certifications

Made in China


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