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Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are a reusable, zero-waste alternative to disposable tampons and pads. They are convenient and save you money. We stock a wide range of the best menstrual cups available in Australia including the Diva Cup, Hello Cup, JuJu Cup, Lunette, OrganiCup, Saalt and Tom Cup.

Not sure which menstrual cup to choose? See our menstrual cups comparison chart for more details on popular brands of menstrual cups and discs.

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  1. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Blue
  2. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Clear
  3. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Pink
  4. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Purple
  5. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Clear
  6. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Pink
  7. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Purple
  8. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Turquoise
  9. Curve Menstrual Cup - Amethyst Purple
  10. Curve Menstrual Cup - Berry Pink
  11. Curve Menstrual Cup - Clear
  12. Curve Menstrual Cup - Slate Grey
  13. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 0
  14. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 1
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  15. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 2
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