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Cleaning & Care

Specialty washes, wipes and lubricants for intimate areas, menstrual cups and toys.

Overwhelmed by the choice of lubricants? Read our blog on Choosing the Right Lubricant

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  1. ALLMATTERS Menstrual Cup & Intimate Body Wash (75ml)
  2. AMAZING OILS Magnesium Oil Spray - Pain Relief (125ml)
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  3. AMAZING OILS Pure Magnesium Gel Pain Relief Roll-On (60ml)
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  4. ANNA's Wild Yam Hormone Balancing Cream (100g)
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  5. BEURER EM50 Menstrual Relax Device - TENS & Heating Pad
  6. BEURER EM50 TENS & Heating Pad Menstrual Relax Device Replacement Pads (6 Pack)
  7. BEURER HK49 Multifunction Heating Pad
  8. Compact Travel UV Steriliser for Menstrual Cups
  9. DIVA Menstrual Cup Wash (177ml)
  10. Healthy Hormones Book - A Practical Guide To Balancing Your Hormones
  11. HELLO Go Hand and Menstrual Cup Cleaner
  12. HELLO Menstrual Cup Wash (90ml)
  13. INTIMINA Balmy Intimate Soothing and Moisturising Cream (75ml)
  14. INTIMINA Feminine Moisturiser (75ml)