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5 of the Best Menstrual Cups for Teens

5 of the Best Menstrual Cups for Teens

We often get asked, can teens use menstrual cups? And the answer is YES, of course!

With so many menstrual cups on the market, finding the right size cup that is suitable for teens or those who are particularly petite can be a bit challenging, so we’ve put together a quick guide to the best menstrual cups for teens to point you in the right direction.


Tips for teens who want to use a menstrual cup

Getting used to using a menstrual cup may take a bit of time, so be kind to yourself when you are learning.

Here's some tips to help you get started;

  • Get to know your body and relax. This is probably to most important tip we can give teens who want to use a menstrual cup. Familiarise yourself with your anatomy so you know where your menstrual cup is meant to go. We have an illustrated guide to the female anatomy which may help. 
  • Relax! Your menstrual cup can’t get lost or stuck in your body forever - the more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to insert and remove your cup.
  • Start with a smaller cup. This is especially relevant if you have petite build or are virgin. Petite people may have a narrower vaginal canal, which means a smaller cup will be much easier to insert and will open up easier once inserted. Similarly, if you’re a virgin and your hymen is still intact or you feel ‘tighter’, a smaller cup will be much more comfortable to insert once folded.
  • Do a "dry run". This involves practicing inserting and removing your menstrual cup before your cycle starts. A great place to do this is in the shower as you are likely to be more relaxed and the water provides additional lubrication. Transitioning to using a menstrual cup when you do have your period will be a lot easier if you have done a few dry runs before hand.
  • Take your time to transition. There's a learning curve with using new products and it may take a while to get used to it so be kind to yourself and take a break if you are getting frustrated. It's OK to switch between using a cup and tampon or pad for a few months while you get the hang of it.
  • Use lubricant. Adding a small amount of personal lubricant to the rim of your cup before inserting can help it slide in much more comfortably. If you’re using a silicone menstrual cup, it’s best to choose a water-based lubricant that will not damage the silicone.
  • Try a different fold. There are so many different menstrual cup folds to choose from, and for teens we recommend a fold that makes your cup’s point of entry as narrow as possible. The ‘punch-down’ fold or ‘seven’ fold are both popular choices, and will make the entry point of your cup pretty much the same size as a tampon!

You may also like to have a read of our Beginners Guide to Using a Menstrual Cup for other tips.

Remember that smaller cups also have smaller capacities than larger cups. This is an important thing to consider if you have a heavier period, as it will mean you may need to change your cup more often. The cups mentioned in this guide are suitable for 8 hours of wear if you have a light to moderate flow.


Best Menstrual Cups for Teens

Teen cups are generally narrower diameter to make insertion and removal easier and a "longish" body so the cup doesn't sit to high up, making it easier to remove.

You can use or menstrual cup comparison chart to look at the full range of cups measurement of we've compiled a short list below to help you choose the right menstrual cup for your body. 

Saalt Teen

The Saalt Teen cup has the same classic bulb-shaped design of the Saalt Original and Saalt Soft but in a smaller, more petite version for teens. The Saalt Teen cup is beautifully packaged in a cardboard tube and available in bright Wild Rose Pink or vibrant Aqua Green. It holds 15ml so suitable for a lighter flow and is 65mm in length with a flexible grippy tab-style stem which makes for easy removal. The stem can also be trimmed. The Saalt Teen cup is 37mm, which is a similar diameter to many of the other teen menstrual cups, and features a rounded "reinforced cuff" in the ring to help prevent leaks.  The Saalt Teen cup is made in the USA.

JuJu Model 1 

While the JuJu Model 1 is not marketed as being specifically for teens, it is one of the smaller menstrual cups on the market. It measures just 40mm in diameter and 65mm long to the end of the stem (the stem can easily be trimmed on the JuJu cup), and holds 22ml of fluid - which is considerably more than other teen cups, with only a little extra diameter. As it holds more fluid than most teen cups, it may be a better choice if you want to get more wear time out of your cup before needing to empty (although you probably still won’t get a full 8 hours out of this cup if you have a very heavy flow). JuJu is also the only Australian made menstrual cup - bonus!


MeLuna Classic Small

MeLuna menstrual cups are made specifically for people who need a smaller cup! All of their cups are generally smaller than most, but the Meluna Classic Small is one of the smallest menstrual cups on the market, measuring just 38mm wide at the rim and 55mm long to the end of the ring stem. It holds 15ml of fluid, meaning you should be able to get a full 8 hours of wear from it if you have a light to moderate flow.


Hello Cup XS

If you need a silicone-free menstrual cup, consider the Hello Cup XS, which is made from TPE. It measures just 38mm in diameter and 57mm long to the end of the toggle stem and it holds 17.5ml, which means you should get a full 8 hours of wear before needing to empty if you have a light to moderate flow. We love that the Hello Cup comes in cute pastel colours, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life!


OrganiCup Mini

The OrganiCup Mini is made from opaque medical grade silicone and is a softer cup, which can make insertion more comfortable. It measures 37mm in diameter (the smallest of all the cups we’ve featured here!) and has a length of 58mm including the stem (which can be trimmed to size), and can hold up to 17ml of fluid so is suitable for a light flow. This cup has a very organic feel and comes packaged in plastic-free cardboard packaging, which we love. The pronounced grip rings on the base of the cup and stem also make it easy to remove. 


Diva Cup Size 0

If you’re a teen with a high cervix, this longer cup may just be the perfect cup for you! The Diva Cup Size 0 has a 38mm diameter, but is 65.4cm long and has a 17ml capacity.  If you have a high cervix, it’s better to choose a longer cup so it will be easier to reach when it comes time for removal. How can you tell? If you can insert your finger inside your vagina and only just feel your cervix with the tip of your finger (hint: it feels like a little donut that is firm to the touch, like the tip of your nose) or can’t reach it at all, this indicates you have a high cervix and should opt for a longer cup.


Other Menstrual Cups

You can compare measurements and features from all the different menstrual cups and menstrual discs we stock by visiting our handy Menstrual Cup Comparison Chart.