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The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix

The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix

If you’ve ever had the slightly panic-inducing experience of not being able to reach your menstrual cup when it comes time to remove and empty it, chances are you have a high cervix. Here are the best menstrual cups for a high cervix that make removing your cup a breeze.

If you’ve ever had the slightly panic-inducing experience of not being able to reach your menstrual cup when it comes time to remove and empty it, chances are you have a high cervix. This essentially means that your vaginal canal is on the longer side, and your cup has more opportunity to slide further up inside you to sit underneath your cervix. Think of your vagina like a tube, with the cervix positioned at the end opposite your vaginal opening. The higher your cervix is, the further away it will be from your opening!

Having a high cervix doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you (at all!) but it’s an important thing to consider when choosing a menstrual cup. If you have a high cervix, you should choose a menstrual cup that has a longer body, so that the base of the cup sits within reach for your fingers. Sometimes it’s not enough to simply choose a cup with a longer stem, as it is very important to be able to reach the base of your cup to break the suction seal before attempting removal. Choose a cup that’s too short, and you’ll likely be struggling to reach the base, having to “push” or bear down hard to remove your cup or resorting to pulling on the stem. This can be painful and have potentially harmful effects on your body. If your menstrual cup feels stuck, refer to this blog on menstrual cup removal for some helpful tips. 

How do I know if I have a high cervix?

It’s easy to find your cervical position yourself at home. It’s best to monitor your cervical position on a few different days during your period, as your cervix can often sit lower during the first few days of your period before moving higher towards the end. This is completely normal! If your cervix moves significantly, you may need to choose two different cups to use on different days of your cycle.

If you can insert your index finger all the way into your vagina and only just touch your cervix (which feels like a little springy donut) or can’t touch it at all, this indicates you probably have a high cervix. If your fingers are short, you may wish to reach in and find your cervix, taking note of how far in your finger is, and then place your finger alongside a ruler to get a more accurate measurement. You should then choose a cup that has a length appropriate for the height of your cervix. 

Image: JuJu

 Image: JuJu


The Best Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix

1. The Diva Cup

The Diva Cup was one of the first menstrual cups available on the market and it’s remained a firm favourite over the years. As it’s a longer cup, the Diva Cup is perfect for those with a high cervix. The Model 1 and 2 both measure 70mm long including the stem, or 53mm (Model 1) and 57mm (Model 2) without the stem. The stem on the Diva Cup is short and can’t be trimmed, but this usually doesn’t pose a problem for those with a high cervix - the more length, the better!


2. JuJu Menstrual Cup - Model 3

The JuJu Model 3 was made especially for those who struggle to reach their cup due to a high cervix or long vaginal canal. It has an extra-long body (58mm) and has a total length of 79mm including the stem, which can be trimmed. The enhanced grip pattern and grippy stem are also reassuring for those who struggle to reach or get a good grip on their cup! One thing to keep in mind with the JuJu 3 is that it is a narrower cup - so if you’re under 30 and have not given birth, or if you consider yourself to have a strong pelvic floor, you should be all good. But if you’re over 30, have given birth or think you’ve lost pelvic floor tone, you may need to consider a wider cup.

3. Lily Cup

The Lily Cup A or Lily Cup B (shown below) are both fantastic choices for those with a high cervix due to their impressive 78mm length! As the Lily Cup has no stem, it’s easy to grip the base, squeeze to release the suction and remove. Another thing we love about the Lily Cup is that it has a unique thicker silicone ‘spine’, which makes it easy to roll up to insert and helps it pop open quickly. The curved shape is also specially designed to fit the curves of your body comfortably.

4. Moxie Menstrual Cup

Relatively new to the scene, Moxie menstrual cups are available in two sizes (Regular as shown below, and Super) which both measure 70mm in total length, including the short rounded nub stem. The silicone used on Moxie menstrual cups is nice and soft to the touch, but firm enough to spring open and stay in place. We love that it comes with a cute breathable carry case too!

Menstrual cups for a high cervix? No problem! Check out our full menstrual cup comparison chart for detailed measurements of all the different menstrual cups in stock at Period Shop.