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Menstrual Cups & Discs

Menstrual cups and menstrual discs are a reusable, zero-waste alternative to disposable tampons and pads. They collect, rather than absorb, menstrual flow and are emptied, washed and re-inserted during your cycle then sanitised and stored, ready for use during your next cycle.   

Menstrual cups are typically cone-shaped devices although some may be more bulbous in shape. We stock a wide range of the best menstrual cups available in Australia including the Diva Cup, Lily Cup Hello Cup, JuJu Cup, Lunette, Merula, OrganiCup and Saalt.

Menstrual discs are similar to menstrual cups in that they are worn internally however they have a flatter-fit design with a thinner base and can usually be worn during sex. Some popular discs include Ovolo Disc, Saalt Disc and Ziggy Disc.

We have a range of buyer and user guides below to help you choose a product that suits you and use it successfully. 

Buying Guides

Menstrual Cup and Disc Comparison Chart
Should you choose a Soft or Firm Cup
Menstrual Cups for a Low Cervix
Menstrual Cups for a High Cervix

Menstrual Cups for Heavy Periods
Menstrual Cups for Teens

User Guides

How to use a menstrual cup
How to use a menstrual disc
Different menstrual cup folds
Getting your menstrual cup to open
Removing your menstrual
Removing menstrual cup stains


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  1. BAMBOOZY Menstrual Cup - Size Large
  2. BAMBOOZY Menstrual Cup - Size Medium
  3. BAMBOOZY Menstrual Cup - Size Small
  4. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Blue
  5. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Clear
  6. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Pink
  7. CANACK Menstrual Cup - Purple
  8. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Clear
  9. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Pink
  10. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Purple
  11. Classic Bell Menstrual Cup - Turquoise
  12. COSMO Reusable Menstrual Disc - Black
  13. COSMO Reusable Menstrual Disc - Pink
  14. COSMO Reusable Menstrual Disc - Purple
  15. Curve Menstrual Cup - Amethyst Purple
  16. Curve Menstrual Cup - Berry Pink
  17. Curve Menstrual Cup - Frost White
  18. Curve Menstrual Cup - Slate Grey
  19. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 0
  20. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 1
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  21. DIVA Menstrual Cup - Model 2
    Sold Out
  22. FEMI EKO Menstrual Cup - Size A
  23. FEMI EKO Menstrual Cup - Size B
  24. FEMI EKO Reusable Menstrual Disc
  25. GLADRAGS XO Flo Menstrual Cup - Mini
  26. GladRags XO Flo Menstrual Cup - Regular
  27. HannahCup Menstrual Cup - Medium
  28. HannahCup Menstrual Cup - Small
  29. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Extra Small Black
  30. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Extra Small Lilac
  31. HELLO Menstrual Cup - High Cervix
  32. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Large Blush Pink
  33. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Large Fuschia Pink
  34. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Large Purple
  35. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Large Yellow
  36. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Low Cervix
  37. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Small/Medium Blue
  38. HELLO Menstrual Cup - Small/Medium Orange
  39. HELLO Menstrual Cup Double Box - High Cervix
  40. HELLO Menstrual Cup Double Box - Low Cervix